Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier Boxer

Age: Adult

Sex: F

Size: M
After Gracie was seen wandering the streets alone for a week a good Samaritan rescued her and took her to her local SPCA. Gracie had ear infections and bad skin for which she is being treated for and recovering nicely. Gracie is a sweet & timid dog who needs guardians who are patient, calm and gentle. She should practice slow introductions to new people, places and situations to help her feel confident. When she knows you her silly side comes out and she is very lovable & affectionate. Guardians who have LOTS of time playing, going on outings and providing TONS of positive reinforcement for relaxed behavior. She knows some basic commands but it's recommended she attend obedience classes to just brush up on her "doggy manners". This is a TERRIFIC way to socialize with other dogs and new people as well as a FANTASTIC way to get to know each other! Regular exercise and a confident, experienced family who has lots of time for her! She will not be adopted to a home with young children under 12 years old as she may find them to overwhelming. She should practice being left on her own for short periods of time until she is confident her family will be coming back for her. Its recommended Gracie to practice the "Nothing For Free" rule! Meaning she must do something (IE: sit, down, stay) before receiving treats, toys or attention). If you have room in your HEART & HOME come and see our Beautiful Gracie<.
Primary Color: Brown Brindle
Weight: 19.2
Age: 3yrs 0mths 4wks
Animal has been Spayed

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Contact: BC SPCA Vancouver Branch | Vancouver, BC