Breed: Border Collie

Age: Young

Sex: M

Size: M
Charlie has been in a foster home for the last month, so we've got new information on him now! He is housebroken, REALLY enjoys playing with other dogs and attends doggy daycare (although sometimes he admits he tries to organize them when he's excited), is good in the house when left alone and his favorite toy is his stuffed Kong.
Charlie is a 6-8 month old Border Collie X who is an energetic, cute dog who gets a lot of attention due to his medium size, and super silky coat. Being a high energy breed, he definitely needs a home who gives him a lot of daily exercise coupled with mental stimulation. While everybody wants Charlie based on looks/size, not everybody will be the right fit for what Charlie needs to be happy, so we're hoping to find someone who can be "two peas in a pod" with Charlie, and they can equally enjoy each other.P>
Once Charlie got on our walk program, we noticed Charlie is "all herding dog". He would do really well with someone who has had a Border Collie before, as he can be quite determined that if he wants to go left on a walk, he just lays down, even when you want to go right! He also has a tendancy to "protest nip" a bit if you're asking him to do something he doesn't like, like wipe off his paws, but he does respond very well to a firm and fair owner who doesn't tolerate his "take an inch" personality on occasions ;) He would do brilliantly at obedience or agility classes too should you feel so inclined.
Hours for adoption viewings are Mon - Friday from noon until 6 pm, and Sat/Sun from 10 - 4 pm. Please be advised that our dogs are strays, so we do not have any background history on them. To meet any of the dogs, please visit the Vancouver Animal Control Shelter (VACS) at Raymur Avenue in Vancouver, or call 604-871-.

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